The balancing beam set is professional outdoor fitness equipment from Art Outside for all generations. The set consists of three different balancing tracks, each 4 metres long, with different levels of difficulty. A movably mounted beam, a kind of slackrope, and a balancing bar. The balancing exercises are suitable for everyone, training concentration, coordination and the sense of balance. Two stainless steel handrails are provided between the tracks to hold on to if needed, depending on the level of difficulty and ability.

Art. no. Z6020-0000-010

Product description and training benefits

Balancing exercises are suitable for all generations and provide an ideal combination of skill training with improving coordination. The exercises should be performed slowly and harmoniously. They also enhance the user’s coordination to guard against falls.


  • Movable beam: A movably mounted stainless steel beam allows slight movements in all directions.
  • Slackrope: A triple rope stretched between two stainless steel posts at a height of approx. 30 cm. Similar to a slackline, it allows the sensorimotor system to be trained, and not only in an upright position. Various poses demanding extreme balancing skills are possible on the slackrope. A great advantage of the slackrope is that it always trains the sensorimotor system at the personal performance limit. Another big plus point is that the slackrope is fun for most people and can therefore be integrated more effectively into training or rehabilitation after injury.
  • Balancing bar: A narrow stainless steel bar requires extreme concentration and body control to maintain balance over the distance.

Movement description:
Balancing with the aid of a handrail on the left and right.

Training benefits:

  • Improves coordination and concentration
  • Trains the sense of balance
  • Promotes vital functions
  • Helps prevent falls, for greater safety in everyday life


Material Stainless steel
Weight 190 kg
Length 6.34 m (variable length)
Width 0.25 m
Height 1.07 m

Product video