This weight station by Art Outside is the ideal outdoor fitness device for promoting strength and mobility in the upper extremities. It optimally trains the shoulders and back. The weight station is ideal for sporty users who want to increase their strength and endurance. Working with the user’s bodyweight, the low-maintenance, professional stainless steel shoulder/back station builds up strength in the back, shoulders and arms. The fitness station is supplied fully preassembled.

Art. no. Z6005-0000-010

Product description and training benefits

The shoulder/back station works with the user’s bodyweight to enable weight training for the upper extremities. This outdoor fitness device by Art Outside strengthens, activates and mobilises the shoulder and back muscles. It promises effective training using the weight of the whole body.


Movement description:
Pulling down on the overhead metal bars with the arms produces a smooth movement which strengthens the arm, shoulder and back muscles. The user determines the intensity and range of movement.

Movement description:

  • More stability in the upper extremities
  • Greater range and improved vital functions
  • Strengthens the arm, shoulder and upper back muscles, increases mobility


Material Stainless steel
Weight 110kg
Length 1.12 m
Width 0.725 m
Height 2.34 m
Load capacity max. 120 kg
Colour Blue (other colours available on request)

Training instructions

Product video