Our stepper outdoor fitness device – also known as a whole-body trainer or cross trainer – is a very popular piece of sports equipment and suitable for user groups of all ages. Regular use of this unique whole-body trainer from Art Outside improves endurance, coordination and strength, contributing to good overall fitness and health. This fitness equipment does not have adjustable resistance.

Art. no. Z6003-0000-010

Product description and training benefits

This whole-body trainer was designed to improve endurance. The crosswise motion ensures that your body movements are even and balanced. The stepper exercises your arms and legs simultaneously, improving vital functions and coordination skills.


Movement description:
Grip the handlebars with both hands and place your feet on the treads. Rhythmically move the treads and handlebars.

Training benefits:

  • Whole-body training device for strengthening all muscle groups in the upper and lower extremities
  • Better coordination
  • Improve vital cardiovascular functions, prevent falls


Material Stainless steel
Weight 106 kg
Length 1.60 m
Width 0.55 m
Height 1.945 m
Load capacity max. 120 kg
Colour Blue (other colours available on request)

Training instructions

Product video