With its sleek design in high-grade stainless steel and a high level of utilisation, this equipment is ideal for every fitness park and outdoor gym installation. The leg lifter dip station helps you train your abdominal, arm and chest muscles.

Art. no. Z6012-0000-010

Product description and training benefits

The leg lifter dip station is suitable for strengthening the abdominal muscles and arm muscles, while also helping to stabilise the lumbar spine. Raising and lowering the legs targets strength in the abdominal muscles. Performing dips on the bars exercises the triceps and pectoral muscles in particular.


Movement description:
Leg lifter: Place your forearms on the supports and bend your hips to pull your legs up towards your upper body. 
Dip station: Grip the bars with your hands and alternately raise and lower your body. Your legs can be straight or slightly bent backwards. 
Because the upper body is in a fixed position and the movement is guided without additional weights, this device is ideal for beginners.

Training benefits:

  • Strengthens the abdominal muscles
  • Builds up pectoral and arm muscles
  • Stabilises the lumbar spine
  • Improves movement and helps prevent falls


Material Stainless steel
Weight 58 kg
Length 1.165 m
Width 0.625 m
Height 2.105 m
Load capacity max. 120 kg
Colour Blue (other colours available on request)

Training instructions

Product video