The Art Outside stainless steel shoulder/chest station is low-maintenance and built to high standards. Use this weight station to train your upper extremities. Its modern design is a real eye-catcher for any outdoor fitness park or multi-generation playground. The shoulder/chest station comes fully preassembled.

Art. no. Z6006-0000-010

Product description and training benefits

The shoulder/chest station, like the shoulder/back station, also works with the user’s bodyweight to enable training of the upper body. It primarily exercises the arms, shoulders and chest.


Movement description:
Pushing the two metal bars forwards then moving them backwards achieves an even strengthening of arm, shoulder and front chest muscles. Here too, the user determines the intensity and range of movement.

Training benefits:

  • Improvement of vital functions, increased stability in the thoracic spine
  • Improved supporting function and greater mobility


Material Stainless steel
Weight 100kg
Length 1.03m
Width 0.725 m
Height 2.34 m
Load capacity max. 120 kg
Colour Blue (other colours available on request)

Training instructions

Product video